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Positioning is absolutely fundamental to your brand. It is the core foundation
of who you are. To successfully position yourself is to stand out; to stand in contrast to your competition.

You must position yourself as different. Make it easy for consumers to see what sets you apart from the crowd.

A relevant example in modern branding is Apple. Apple has positioned itself as a hipper, cooler, more sophisticated and more stylish alternative to the conformist's personal computer. This positioning extends to every part of Apple's branding. Its tagline is "Think Different." Its products focus on eye-catching style. Its commercials even personify the difference between a Macintosh Computer and a PC. The younger, hipper actor representing a Mac contrasts with the older, stiffer and less attractive actor personifying a PC. Positioning itself in this way, Apple has been able to keep itself relevant in the competitive world of computing.

Have you thought about what sets you apart from the competition? Put 5-I Brand Management to work for you and we'll help focus and define your brand positioning.


Below is a t-shirt designed by 5-I Brand Management for Chevy Youth Baseball. The shirt, worn by more than 75,000 kids during the 2009 season, is supportive of Chevy's brand positioning. Chevy has positioned itself as "Genuine," which is to say, "honest; true; the real article."